Face Sculpting Massage: Natural FaceLift


Almost everyone has heard of different benefits of massage, some of which are general and can seem vague. How about a powerful massage technique that can produce visible results after the very first treatment? Introducing Face sculpting massage which works your large and tiniest face muscles to lift, firm and tighten your face. This Italian technique combines lymph drainage with deep targeted strokes to produce an effect often compared to a natural facelift.

AskCare’s client. Session #3 of Face Sculpting Massage Package. Notice significant wrinkle reduction, and overall skin improvements

AskCare’s client. Session #3 of Face Sculpting Massage Package. Notice significant wrinkle reduction, and overall skin improvements

How does it work?

There are 43 muscles in a human face, we naturally use some of them to smile, to frown, and express other emotions. At the same time whenever we feel stress or tension some of those face muscles get strained, and over time become permanently tense and stiff. As we age this becomes a more apparent to a point of literally changing the shape of our faces. For example, have you noticed elderly people on average have a rolled up chin and most young people rock a pointy one? This is the effect we are talking about. To combat those signs of aging, Face Sculpting massage does a number of things. Firstly it takes those large muscles and deeply workers them to release any tightness and bringing them to their original state and position. During the massage you will have a feeling that the technician nearly lifts the muscle of the bones and lets them settle in the correct positions. The second part of it is absolutely true, this gives the desired dramatic change in the face shape improvement after few massage sessions. We have to emphasise here that it is crucial to have this treatment done only with knowledgeable and experienced esthetician since working face muscles on a deeper level can pose a series of threads from unskilled hands. Secondly, Face Sculpting massage works the tiniest muscles in the face that are nearly impossible to get through during your routine daily activities. Similar to the body muscles, this will make your face appear more toned, slim and improve the face shape. Last but not least, Face Sculpting massage moves the excess water away to the lymph knots where it gets naturally eliminated by the body. This has immediate visible result of de-puffing, improving skin color and over the course of treatments will helps restore natural healthy lymph drainage of the face.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

We all age differently and our faces start showing the signs of aging at different stages in our life. In general - the Face Sculpting massage can be started as early as mid-twenties, or as soon as the weakening and sagging or face muscles becomes apparent. The best candidate is someone with mild face ptosis - a skin sagging or prolapse of face and neck. The more mature skin can definitely benefit and improve the condition, however, if the ptosis is already prominent Face Sculpting massage might be recommended with conjunction with other natural anti-aging treatment like Fibroblast.

How Many Treatments Would I Need?

You will be able to see the results just after a single treatment, however, it will not last a while. In order to achieve lengthy results, a series of a minimum of 5 messages are recommended performed weekly. A single massage session would be great before an event to remove any puffiness you might have and to remove extra water retention in the face due to Lymph Drainage component of the massage. With a series of sessions, you will notice natural facelift, improvement of skin and face slimming.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

After a serious of treatment, you can expect more toned and lifted the appearance of the face. Consider the fact that with age our muscle in the body including the face shrink and weaken unless regularly exercised and taken care of. If you are able to lift and tone your body by exercise so can you tone and lift your face muscles. It goes without saying that this is not something you can do yourself at home. Of course there are a number of “face exercises” available online, however, it is compared to working out your body without weights - you will not get much noticeable improvement. With Face Sculpting massage your esthetician uses the hand techniques to provide resistance to your face muscles in a very specific way to activate them and make them tighter and stronger.

AskCares client, results right after treatment. Reduction of nasolabial folds, marionette lines, general face contour improvement

AskCares client, results right after treatment. Reduction of nasolabial folds, marionette lines, general face contour improvement


How Is It Better Than Other Invasive Options?

These days most of us are children of instant gratification, which we know very well from the famous marshmallow experiment is not good for us. That is why a lot of invasive and semi-invasive alternative became widespread. You can achieve relative facelift results with a procedure like injectable fillers. Let us compare this option to Face Sculpting massage. Firstly, the cost of just one syringe of injectables are comparable to few sessions of the massage; however the results of the first one are rapidly fleeting: most injectables last 6 months to a year, where the results of Face Sculpting massage are long lasting and include “muscle memory”. Even if you don’t repeat the message sessions in sometime the muscle memory would allow you to quickly pick up where you left off. Secondly, with injectable fillers you are doing a disservice to yourself - your face muscle slowly moving in the direction of atrophy since you are discouraged from using them in order to prolong effects of the filler treatment. Whereas with Sculpting Massage you use the natural abilities of your body to work for you, the massage will work your muscles and you get long lasting natural results.

Is It Affordable?

Affordability of any treatment can only be evaluated in comparison to the benefits and to other alternative methods. Anything that produces natural long lasting results is a winner in our book. The average cost for a single session of Face Sculpting massage ranges from $120-180 depending on the provider you pick and the location of the salon. Comparing to other invasive and semi-invasive methods the massage stands as the most affordable and, last but not the least, safe option.

Important To Know

Face Sculpting massage is more than a relaxing face massage often administered during facials, it is even deeper than general Lymph Drainage massage since it works with facial muscles. Therefore it is crucial to pick a licensed and experienced provider for the massage. You have to do your research into the esthetician you are considering, making sure they have proper training for this technique. Administered wrong or by an improperly trained provider, this type of massage can have a damaging effect on the muscles or in the best case scenario would simply have no effect. Please do your due diligence with care in this regard.


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