Age Control Face Lotion, 150ml

Age Control Face Lotion, 150ml


Lotion-serum "moisturizing + lifting" with extracts of medicinal plants, vitamins and proteins. Moisturizes, refreshes and tightens the skin, reduces pores, helps restore the skin barrier. It can also be used as a lotion, by wiping the skin with a cotton disc, and also as a moisturizing serum, by simply applying the hands. 

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Active ingredients :

witch hazel extract, green tea leaves, chamomile, sorbitol, vitamins E and A, linolenic acid, serine, proline, arginine, hydrolysed soy and wheat protein, pectin.

Application :

Moisten a cotton pad with the lotion, gently wipe previously cleansed skin. Use once a day or as recommended by a specialist.