BisLash Lash Essence for Natural Lashes 10ml

BisLash Lash Essence for Natural Lashes 10ml


Nutritious essence for natural eyelashes to stimulate the growth of eyelashes, as an activator of growth. Serum for eyelashes is used to treat and restore natural eyelashes after a long period of wearing eyelashes.

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The composition of whey includes natural vegetable oils, extracts of medicinal plants and vitamins. The use of serum has a beneficial effect on the growth and length of eyelashes, and also improves their structure and gives volume and color depth.

Nutritious essence affects the hair follicles, nourishes and strengthens the bases of the eyelashes, making them more resistant to loss.


  • nourishes and strengthens eyelashes

  • restores damaged, dull and brittle eyelashes

  • prevents the loss of eyelashes, stimulating the growth of new eyelashes

  • imparts a rich color of eyelashes and eyebrows


Apply a nutritious essence on the root zone of the upper lashes to achieve the desired result. It should be applied once a day to clean eyelashes. For those who wear lenses, it is advisable to remove them before applying for 10-15 minutes until the product has absorbed.