Mythologic Mineral Mask 70ml

Mythologic Mineral Mask 70ml


A tightening mask with an anti-corrosive effect based on minerals and extracts of medicinal plants. It helps to smooth out the texture and color of the skin, reduce edema, accelerate the resorption of bruises (bruises), and lighten the pigment spots.

As a component of the first aid kit is needed to resolve bruises, reduce edema, and correct erythema after injury. Also, a mineral mask is used to lighten the skin, reduce redness, resorption of post-inflammatory spots in acne and rosacea, alleviate the condition with bruising sprains, in the postoperative period, as a lifting mask in rejuvenating procedures, as a beauty mask for the feet and hands.

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Ways of using:

  • As a lifting whitening and anti-couperose mask:

  • Apply a thin layer. Keep for 15 - 30 minutes. rinse with water. Wipe the skin with lotion. If necessary, apply a cream. Apply 1 time in 5-10 days

  • To resolve bruises, reduce pain and swelling:

  • It is applied in a thin layer on the bruise, it lasts from 30 to 120 minutes, it can even be left overnight. So every day. To not overdry the skin, after removing the mask, lubricate the skin with cream, for this perfectly fits with the SUCCESS body lotion.

  • To reduce swelling and capillary mesh on the legs, as a beauty mask for the hands and feet:

  • Wipe the skin with the preparative lotion MYTHOLOGIC Remodeling Prepping Lotion. Apply a mineral mask. Hold 40-60 minutes. Rinse, wipe the skin with lotion Cucumber face lotion. Apply body lotion With the SUCCESS body lotion. Apply 2-3 times a week or before the event.

  • With rosacea and post acne.

  • Alternate the mineral mask with other masks. Apply it 1-2 times a week to problem areas for 20-30 minutes. then rinse and wipe the skin with lotion.

Active Ingredients:

olive oil, oats extract, dates, calendula oil, zinc oxide, kaolin, calcium carbonate, magnesium silicate, potassium carbonate, sulfur, silicon, iron oxide