Lami Brow Enhancement


It’s hard to argue with the fact that brows shape our faces. They can make a face appear more symmetric, give that sought after youthful look, and much more. Surely as a beauty enthusiast (and you can officially be considered one if you are reading this article) you have heard about game-changing brow treatments like Powder Brows and Microblading semi-permanent makeup techniques. You might have even tried less popular brow hair extensions. Today we would like to introduce you Lami Brow Enhancement treatment. This procedure has been brought over this year from Europe by Olga, the owner of AskCares Salon in Studio City. Despite its recent addition to the list of amazing brow treatments offered, it has gained an enormous popularity within a short span of time.

To narrow down the best suited candidates for this treatment, let’s pass this little test! Read the following statements and see if you can relate:

  1. I feel like my brow hairs are often untamed. Sometimes they are pointing in the most random directions. I often use a brow gel to fix my brow hairs as a part of my makeup routine.

  2. I feel like I don’t have enough hair on my brows, or it’s thinning. I wish my brow hairs would appear fuller.

  3. I’d like for my brow hairs to be darker or to better match my appearance. I frequently use brow tint service or tinted brow gel. 


If you have answered yes to any of the above statements congratulations! You have just discovered something possibly life-changing for your brow game.



What is the process like?

The Lami Brow service is often described as “very relaxing”. Upon arrival you will be invited to the treatment room where you will lay down and get cozy under a soft blanket. Your esthetician will clean and asses your brows, comb and fix the hairs to the most flattering shape. Afterwards a series of serums, including nourishing keratin, will be applied. A warm pillow will be placed over your brows for few minutes to help serums better penetrate the hair. The brow tint is applied at the end to enhance the results. The whole service takes about an hour. It can be combined with another highly popular service the Keratin Eyelash Lift.

What kind of results can I expect?

Firstly, after the Lami Brow treatment your eyebrows will appear fuller. This is an effect of keratin coating your brow hairs and actually making them thicker. Secondly, you will notice how tamed your eyebrows are. All the hairs will be perfectly aligned as if they have been fixed with brow gel. Thirdly, the brow tint will enhance the color of your brows making them stand out more and giving them that luscious shine.

Is this a one-time treatment of do I need to come back for touch ups?

Lami Brows is a service that enhances your brow hairs primarily. As your natural hair growth cycle progresses the treated hairs will start to fall out and will be replaced by new hair growth. Due to this natural hair changing cycle Lami Brow treatment has to be done periodically to maintain the desired results.

How often should Lami Brow Enhancement be done?

Generally speaking Lami Brow treatment can be performed every 4 weeks; however, it highly depends on your personal brow hair growth as everyone is different.  We have noticed that the optimal interval between procedures is somewhere around 6 weeks.

Is after care really necessary?

Yes, after care is an essential part in maintaining results of almost any treatment. Lami Brow Enhancement is not an exception. Luckily, the after care is extremely easy! AskCares strongly advises to apply brow serum, or castor oil you might already have, nightly to your brow hairs. We will even provide you with an application wand!

Will the treatment negatively impact my brows over time?

No, Lami Brow Enhancement is very gentle and with the right after care can safely become your staple beauty service. Keep in mind, it is very important to pick an honest, trained and licensed provider. You must be sure that the keratin and serums used on your brows are of a high quality standard and that they are applied correctly.

Lami Brows

Lami Brows

Lami Brows

Lami Brows



Why not a lot of places offer Lami Brow Enhancement?

As with most beauty treatments, there are pioneers, the leaders of the industry who take the time and effort to travel, who advance their education, who are bringing the newest treatments to their clients. The other salons eventually follow the trend to the best of their ability and resources. AskCares prides itself to be one of the front runners, and we always continue our research on the new and exciting treatments that our clients can benefit from.


How can I make an appointment?

At AskCares we would be thrilled to show you what Lami Brow Enhancement can do for you! The best way to book with us is online 24/7 by clicking the scheduling button below. You may also scedule an appointment by phone during business hours at 818-308-6021.


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