Toner: what is it & why you really need one


Toners have been around since the beginning of accessible skin care. You have most likely heard about them, very likely used one in your life, maybe it is still part of your care routine. Do you know why we use toners? Is it something your skincare can do without? Let’s see…

Firstly, let’s set the old story straight. The toners have really come a long way in the recent decade, and are strikingly different from their predecessors. As a rule, toners used to be very harsh with alcohol as a very common ingredient. They were mostly used by people with problem skin and teenages. Old school toners did primarily two things: balanced skin PH levels and finished cleansing what was left behind after your face wash; therefore, you might recall extra clean tingly feeling after using them. The toners used to also feel over-drying and would strip the pores of their essential oils you actually want to have, and were frankly unnecessary for most skin types.

Nothing is further from the truth in modern toners. Today they are packed with nourishing ingredients and there is a toner for every skin type. A lot of them are hydrating, containing hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Depending on your skin needs your toner might include beneficial ingredients like tea tree, salicylic acid, glycerin, rose, etc. Whether your skin is dry and needs more hydration, or you are trying to balance your oily T-zone - the toner is a necessary step to balance your skin and help maximize the effect of your moisturiser that follows.

Frequently asked questions:


How do you use a toner?

Toners are used usually right after cleansing. Mildy saturated a cotton ball or disk, than gently apply with upwards swiping motions.

Do I need moisturiser after toner?

Yes, we highly recommend to follow your toner with a moisturiser. Even for oily and problem skin types, it is highly beneficial for the skin. Proper picked lotion or cream is essential. If you need help picking one let us know! Contact Us.

Will toner dry my skin?

No, good quality modern toners are alcohol free. The toners for oily / problem skin can cause some dryness with excessive use; however with regular twice a day application there will be no problems.

What exactly does a toner do?

In a nutshell a toner adds a layer of protection to your skin, restores skin’s PH balance, refreshens skin, hydrates, temporary shrinks pores.


AskCares estheticians recommend:


Soothing & calming ingredients


Alcohol-free, antioxidant-based 


Salicylic acid and mattifying ingredients



Hydrating & soothing ingredients


Alcohol-free, antioxidant-based