Dangers and Blessings of Microblading: The Survival Guide


“I found someone who is cheaper, and can fit me in this week...”

- NOT our clients!

In recent years brows have become the most obsessed about facial feature. With the rise in popularity of larger,bushy, younger looking brows a lot of treatments have stepped up to the challenge of catering the look to previously over-tweezed-brow generation. Microblading is arguably the most widely known semi-permanent brow enhancement technique which consists of creating fine, hair-like strokes enhance brows. With numerous gorgeous photos flooding the internet, it is almost incomprehensible that this seemingly innocent, popular enhancement could be dangerous and frankly devastating. Let us debunk the myths and disclose the real dangers of this procedure.


Microblading will affect the hair growth - Myth

Some people are extremely hesitate to allow an manipulation with their brows due to the fear of disturbing the natural hair growth cycle. However, this is a complete myth. Numerous studies from hair transplant institutes have shown that microblading can “neither prevent nor encourage” hair growth in the area.

Top : Correct /  Bottom : Incorrect - deep scarring

Top: Correct / Bottom: Incorrect - deep scarring

Deep scarring - True

It has been stressed for all invasive and semi-invasive procedures that the most important decision as a customer you can make is picking an experienced and qualified provider. This is more than just important for microblading. Easy to replicate at first sight techniques can turn dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced in the field of semi-permanent makeup aesthetician, even if they are more than qualified for the other procedures. Performed incorrecting, microblading can leave deep scarring on your eyebrows. This tragic result it way more common than one may think. From our experience in training new estheticians to perform microblading we know that most of them falsely believe the deeper they will cut the skin, the longer will the pigment last. This is could not be further from the truth. Cutting deeper into the skin layers will not only leave you with ugly scaring but also will prevent proper pigment retention.


Unnatural appearance - True

Please take a look at the photo collage. This is another reason why it is so important to treat microblading as an art form it is. An esthetician performing semi-permanent makeup needs to be considering your facial features and most importantly the natural hair growth patterns. If microbladed incorrecting, at the wrong distance and depth, the strokes that were intended to have hair-like appearance will look comical in the best case scenario.

To avoid this microblading disasters, it is crucial to check your estheticians healed work. A lot of times unfortunately dishonest providers will post pictures of other brow artist’s works and not their own, So it is a good idea to thoroughly research their online reputation, ready their reviews, and possible meet with some of their previous clients who got microblading done with them to see in person the results of their work.

NOT our work. Improper strokes & depth

NOT our work. Improper strokes & depth



With everything mentioned above, it is fair to note that in the hands of skilled and knowledgeable specialist microblading risks can be minimised, and most experienced professionals will have none of the complications mentioned above.

Here are the examples of AskCares clients to give you an idea of what proper healed work should look like:








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